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best app for self employed

Discover the best app for self-employed individuals, complete with robust features and flexible price plans tailored to boost your business efficiency.


best app for self employed include features and price plans

As a self-employed professional, staying productive and organized is crucial for the success of your business. Fortunately, there are numerous apps available that can help you streamline your workflow and boost your efficiency. In this article, I will introduce you to some of the best apps for self-employed professionals, highlighting their key features and price plans.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choosing the right apps can significantly enhance productivity and organization for self-employed professionals.
  • Time management apps like Everhour help track and optimize your work hours.
  • Project management apps like Hubstaff assist in efficient project planning and client interaction.
  • Task and time management apps like Todoist keep you organized and aligned with your goals.
  • Financial management apps like QuickBooks Self-Employed simplify expense tracking and income management.

Evaluating Time Management Apps for Self-Employed Professionals

Effective time management is essential for self-employed professionals to optimize productivity and stay organized. With the growing availability of time management apps, it can be challenging to determine which one best suits the needs of self-employed individuals. One such app that stands out in the market is Everhour, offering a range of features designed to enhance time management, boost productivity, and streamline organizational processes.

Everhour provides self-employed professionals with precise time tracking, allowing them to monitor the time spent on various tasks and projects. The app integrates seamlessly with popular workflow tools, enabling users to track time within the platforms they already use. This integration eliminates the need to switch between different apps, saving valuable time and ensuring accurate time tracking.

Key Features of Everhour:

  • Precise Time Tracking: Everhour offers detailed time tracking features that allow self-employed professionals to accurately record the time spent on different activities, ensuring better productivity assessment.
  • Integration with Workflow Tools: The app integrates smoothly with popular platforms such as Asana, Trello, and Basecamp, providing a seamless user experience and comprehensive time management.
  • Detailed Reporting: Everhour generates insightful reports that give self-employed professionals a clear overview of their time allocation and help identify areas for improvement.
  • Budget Management: The app enables self-employed individuals to set budgets for projects and tasks, helping them maintain better control over resources and expenses.
  • Billing Efficiency: Everhour simplifies the billing process by automatically calculating billable hours and generating invoices, allowing self-employed professionals to streamline their financial transactions.
  • Resource Allocation: With Everhour, self-employed professionals can effectively allocate resources, ensuring optimal utilization of time, team members, and project requirements.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The app offers an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, making it user-friendly for self-employed professionals with varying levels of technical expertise.
  • Real-Time Sync: Everhour ensures data accuracy and consistency throughout all connected devices with real-time synchronization, allowing users to access their time management data from anywhere, at any time.
“Everhour has been a game-changer for my time management as a freelance designer. It’s incredibly accurate and easy to use. I can track my time, generate reports, and seamlessly bill my clients, all in one place. It has significantly improved my productivity and organization.” – Olivia Thompson, Freelance Designer

By implementing a robust time management app like Everhour, self-employed professionals can take control of their time, enhance productivity, and maintain optimal organization. The app empowers individuals to make informed decisions based on accurate time tracking and resource allocation, leading to improved efficiency and ultimately, greater success in their self-employed ventures.

Comprehensive Project Management with Hubstaff

In addition to efficient time tracking, self-employed individuals require comprehensive project management tools that help them stay organized and maximize their productivity. Hubstaff, a leading project management software, offers a wide range of features tailored to the needs of self-employed professionals.

One of the key advantages of Hubstaff is its multi-platform compatibility, allowing users to access their projects and data from various devices. Whether you’re working on a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device, Hubstaff ensures seamless synchronization, keeping you connected to your tasks and projects wherever you go.

Hubstaff goes beyond basic time tracking by incorporating GPS-based tracking, giving you real-time insights into your team’s locations. This feature is particularly useful for self-employed professionals who work remotely or have employees working from multiple locations.

With Hubstaff, I can easily monitor my team’s productivity and project progress, ensuring that everyone stays on track and meets deadlines.

Customizable alerts enable users to set up automated notifications for various project-related events. Whether it’s a task completion, budget update, or a specific milestone achieved, Hubstaff keeps you informed, so you never miss an important update.

Moreover, Hubstaff provides expense recording functionality, allowing self-employed professionals to track project-related expenses easily. With accurate expense records, you can effortlessly calculate project costs, generate customized reports, and streamline your financial management.

When it comes to client interaction, Hubstaff offers convenient features that foster effective communication. You can collaborate with your clients directly within the platform, share project updates, and address any questions or concerns they may have. This seamless client interaction enhances transparency, builds trust, and ultimately leads to better client satisfaction.

With Hubstaff, self-employed individuals can:

  • Easily plan and manage projects
  • Track project-related expenses
  • Monitor team productivity and progress
  • Customize alerts for important events
  • Collaborate with clients effectively

As a project management solution tailored to the needs of self-employed professionals, Hubstaff empowers you to streamline your workflow, optimize project management, and enhance client interactions.

Stay organized, boost productivity, and achieve success with Hubstaff as your go-to project management tool.

Unified Task and Time Management with Todoist

When it comes to task and time management, self-employed professionals need a reliable app that can seamlessly integrate both aspects. That’s where Todoist comes in. With its robust features designed specifically for self-employed individuals, Todoist is the ultimate tool for staying organized and on top of deadlines.

Task management is made easy with Todoist’s intuitive interface and powerful features. Create and prioritize tasks, add due dates and reminders to ensure nothing slips through the cracks, and assign labels and filters for efficient categorization. With Todoist, you can easily manage your to-do list and stay focused on what matters most.

But Todoist goes beyond task management by also offering comprehensive time management capabilities. Integration with calendar apps allows you to sync your tasks with your schedule, ensuring that you have a clear overview of your commitments. By seamlessly blending task and time management, Todoist helps you optimize your productivity and make the most of your valuable time.

Key Features of Todoist:

  • Task Management: Create, prioritize, and categorize tasks for efficient organization.
  • Priority Levels: Assign priority levels to tasks to focus on what needs to be done first.
  • Due Dates and Reminders: Set deadlines and receive reminders to stay on track.
  • Labels and Filters: Categorize and filter tasks for easy organization and quick access.
  • Integration with Calendar Apps: Sync tasks with your calendar for a comprehensive overview of your schedule.

Todoist empowers self-employed professionals to take control of their tasks and time, ensuring that they stay organized and aligned with their goals. Whether you’re managing multiple projects or juggling various clients, Todoist is the ultimate companion for boosting your productivity and streamlining your workflow.

“Todoist has been a game-changer for my task and time management as a self-employed professional. It’s so intuitive to use, and the integration with my calendar keeps me on top of my deadlines. I can’t imagine running my business without it!” – Jane, Freelance Graphic Designer

Intuitive interfaceSome advanced features require a premium subscription
Seamless task and time management integrationLimited team collaboration features
Powerful task organization and categorizationNo built-in file storage
Integration with calendar appsMobile app can be slow at times

Simplifying Finances with QuickBooks Self-Employed

Managing finances is a crucial aspect of running a successful self-employed business. To simplify this process, QuickBooks Self-Employed is a powerful tool designed specifically for freelancers and self-employed individuals.

With QuickBooks Self-Employed, you can easily track your income and expenses, ensuring accurate and organized financial records. This feature allows you to monitor your cash flow, identify tax deductible expenses, and maximize your deductions for a more favorable tax outcome.

In addition to expense tracking, QuickBooks Self-Employed also provides an invoicing feature, allowing you to generate professional invoices and streamline your billing process. You can send invoices directly to your clients and track payment status, ensuring timely and efficient cash flow.

Mileage tracking is another valuable feature offered by QuickBooks Self-Employed. By logging your mileage, you can accurately calculate and deduct your business-related travel expenses, saving you time and ensuring accuracy during tax season.

Furthermore, QuickBooks Self-Employed offers seamless integration with other QuickBooks tools, such as QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Payroll. This integration allows for a unified financial management system, providing a holistic view of your business’s finances and eliminating the need for manual data entry.

If you’re a self-employed professional looking for a comprehensive financial management solution, QuickBooks Self-Employed is a reliable and user-friendly choice. It helps streamline your financial processes, saving you time and effort, and ensuring your business’s financial health.

Key Features of QuickBooks Self-Employed:

  • Income and expense tracking
  • Invoicing and payment tracking
  • Mileage logging
  • Quarterly tax estimations
  • Tax deduction maximization
  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Payroll

Streamlining Accounting with FreshBooks

FreshBooks is not just your average invoicing software. It goes beyond that and provides self-employed professionals with a comprehensive accounting solution. With its powerful features, FreshBooks simplifies the financial management process, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Let’s take a closer look at what FreshBooks has to offer:

Expense Tracking

Tracking expenses is essential for maintaining accurate records and staying on top of your finances. FreshBooks makes it easy to track your expenses, whether you’re managing project-related expenses or day-to-day business costs. The platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to effortlessly capture and categorize expenses, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

Efficient Time Tracking

Accurately tracking your billable hours is crucial for self-employed professionals. FreshBooks integrates time tracking seamlessly into its platform, making it simple to log your hours and accurately invoice clients. This feature not only helps you keep track of time spent on different projects but also enables you to analyze the profitability of each project.

Project Management Integration

As a self-employed professional, managing your projects efficiently is vital to your success. FreshBooks integrates with popular project management tools, allowing you to streamline your workflow and keep all your project-related information in one place. This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures that your project management and accounting systems are in sync.

Beyond Invoicing: Double-Entry Accounting and More

While invoicing is a critical component of accounting, FreshBooks takes it a step further. The platform embraces double-entry accounting, a robust system that provides a more accurate and comprehensive financial picture. With double-entry accounting, you can easily generate profit and loss statements, reconcile bank accounts, and ensure your books are always balanced.

Multi-Currency Support

If your business operates in multiple countries or handles international clients, FreshBooks has you covered. The platform supports multiple currencies, making it easy to manage finances across borders. You can invoice clients in their preferred currency, track expenses in different currencies, and gain a clear understanding of your global financial standing.

Integration with Business Management Tools

FreshBooks doesn’t exist in isolation. It integrates seamlessly with a variety of business management tools, enabling you to leverage the full power of these applications and streamline your workflow. From customer relationship management (CRM) tools to project management platforms, FreshBooks integrates with the tools you already use, minimizing manual data entry and saving you time.

“FreshBooks simplifies the financial management process for self-employed professionals, allowing them to focus on what they do best.”

With FreshBooks, you can take control of your accounting, streamline your processes, and make managing your finances a breeze. Whether you’re a freelancer, consultant, or small business owner, FreshBooks provides the tools you need to stay organized, save time, and make informed financial decisions.

Key FeaturesBenefits
Expense trackingEliminates the hassle of manually managing expenses and ensures accurate records.
Efficient time trackingEnables accurate billing and helps analyze project profitability.
Project management integrationSimplifies project management and keeps all project-related information in one place.
Double-entry accountingProvides a comprehensive financial picture and ensures accuracy in financial reports.
Multi-currency supportMakes it easy to manage finances across borders and handle international clients.
Integration with business management toolsStreamlines workflows by eliminating manual data entry and maximizing efficiency.

Comprehensive Financial Management with Wave Financial

When it comes to efficient financial management for self-employed professionals, Wave Financial is a top choice. This comprehensive app provides a wide range of features that cover all aspects of your financial needs, including invoicing, expense tracking, and accounting.

One of the standout features of Wave Financial is its seamless bank connections. By syncing your accounts, you can easily import transactions and keep your records up to date. This ensures accurate and efficient expense tracking, saving you valuable time and effort.

Another essential tool offered by Wave Financial is income tracking. With this feature, you can easily monitor your business income and gain valuable insights into your cash flow. By staying on top of your finances and understanding your revenue streams, you can make informed decisions that contribute to your business’s financial success.

Generate Financial Reports

Wave Financial’s reporting capabilities are robust and user-friendly. You have access to a variety of financial reports tailored to your specific needs, such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. These reports provide a clear overview of your business’s financial health and help you make strategic decisions to optimize your financial management.

Moreover, Wave Financial offers double-entry accounting, ensuring accuracy and compliance with accounting standards. This feature enables you to track income and expenses in a structured and professional manner, providing a solid foundation for your accounting practices.

Efficient Payroll Services

For self-employed professionals who manage a team or employ contractors, Wave Financial includes efficient payroll services. You can easily process payroll, calculate taxes, and generate pay stubs for your employees. This streamlines the payroll process and ensures that your team members are paid accurately and on time.

In addition to the above features, Wave Financial supports multi-currency transactions, making it an excellent choice for freelancers and self-employed professionals who work with clients worldwide. This feature eliminates the hassle of manually converting currency and simplifies your financial management.

With its comprehensive suite of financial management tools, Wave Financial is an invaluable asset for self-employed professionals. Whether it’s invoicing, expense tracking, or accounting, this app covers all your financial needs, helping you stay organized and focused on growing your business.

Wave Financial

Gathering Valuable Insights with Canny

When it comes to feedback-sharing apps for self-employed individuals, Canny is a game-changer. This innovative platform allows self-employed professionals to gather valuable insights and improve their products or services through user feedback. With Canny, you can tap into the collective wisdom of your user base, gaining valuable ideas and suggestions to enhance your business.

One of the key features of Canny is its ability to collect feedback from your users in a transparent and organized manner. With the help of Canny, you can create a dedicated feedback board where users can submit their ideas, report bugs, and make feature requests. This enables you to have a direct line of communication with your customers, fostering a sense of collaboration and trust.

“Canny has revolutionized the way I gather feedback from my users. It provides me with a centralized platform to collect, manage, and prioritize their suggestions. This has been instrumental in driving product improvements and enhancing user satisfaction.” – Jane Smith, Freelance Developer

Canny also allows you to prioritize feature requests based on user feedback. By analyzing the popularity and impact of different suggestions, you can focus your efforts on the features that matter most to your users. This targeted approach not only improves customer satisfaction but also ensures that you are investing your time and resources in the right areas.

Engaging with your users is another crucial aspect of Canny. The platform offers a commenting system that enables you to have meaningful conversations with your users. You can address their concerns, provide updates on feature development, and gather additional insights to refine your products or services.

By leveraging user feedback through Canny, self-employed professionals can gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs and preferences. This valuable information empowers you to make data-driven decisions that drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits of Canny:

  • Gather valuable insights through user feedback
  • Create a transparent and organized feedback board
  • Prioritize feature requests based on popularity and impact
  • Engage in meaningful conversations with your users
  • Make data-driven decisions to drive business growth

Canny is the go-to platform for self-employed individuals who prioritize improving their products or services through user feedback. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, Canny helps you harness the collective wisdom of your user base, ultimately driving business success.

Simplifying Website Building with Google Sites

In today’s digital age, having a professional website is essential for self-employed professionals to establish an online presence and attract clients. While website building may seem daunting, Google Sites offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process and empowers self-employed professionals to create their own websites without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

Google Sites provides a range of templates to choose from, allowing self-employed professionals to select a design that aligns with their brand and effectively showcases their services. These templates are customizable, enabling users to personalize their websites and make them unique.

Collaboration is made easy with Google Sites. Self-employed professionals can invite others to collaborate on their website, allowing for efficient teamwork and input from clients or other team members. This feature ensures that the website reflects the collective vision of the project.

Google Sites is a user-friendly website builder that simplifies the process of creating a professional website for self-employed professionals.

While Google Sites may lack advanced SEO tools, it still provides a solid foundation for building a functional and attractive website. With its intuitive interface, self-employed professionals can easily add content, images, videos, and other elements to their websites, offering a visually engaging experience for visitors.

Moreover, Google Sites is designed to integrate seamlessly with other Google tools and services, such as Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. This integration allows for easy access and management of files, documents, and data, further enhancing productivity and organization for self-employed professionals.

To summarize, Google Sites is a valuable resource for self-employed professionals looking to create their own websites. With its user-friendly interface, collaboration features, customization options, and seamless integration with other Google services, Google Sites simplifies the website building process and enables self-employed professionals to establish a strong online presence.

Comparison of popular website builders

Website BuilderKey FeaturesPriceUser-Friendly Interface
Google SitesUser-friendly interface, collaboration features, customizable templatesFreeYes
WixDrag-and-drop editor, extensive template library, SEO toolsVarious pricing plans availableYes
WordPressFlexible customization options, extensive plugin library, SEO optimizationBasic version is free, additional costs for hosting and premium featuresRequires some technical knowledge
SquarespaceSleek design templates, built-in eCommerce functionality, SEO featuresVarious pricing plans availableYes

Efficient Meeting Scheduling with Calendly

When it comes to meeting scheduling, self-employed professionals often face the challenge of coordinating multiple calendars and finding a time that works for everyone. That’s where Calendly comes in. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, Calendly is the go-to app for streamlining appointment bookings.

Calendly seamlessly connects to various calendars, allowing clients and partners to view your availability and book meetings directly. This eliminates the back-and-forth of email exchanges and saves precious time. Whether you have multiple calendars for different aspects of your business or you’re coordinating across teams, Calendly simplifies the scheduling process.

meeting scheduling

Automated workflows are a key feature of Calendly, enabling you to customize meeting scheduling parameters based on your availability and preferences. You can set buffer times between meetings, specify meeting durations, and even block off certain days or times when you’re not available. This ensures that your schedule remains organized and optimized.

Calendly also includes feedback surveys, allowing you to collect valuable input from meeting participants. This feedback can be crucial for refining your services and improving client satisfaction. Additionally, Calendly offers the option to send SMS messages as reminders, ensuring that all participants are well-informed and prepared for their scheduled meetings.

Key Features of Calendly:

  • Connects to multiple calendars for efficient scheduling
  • Automated workflows for customized availability
  • Feedback surveys for gathering valuable input
  • SMS messages for meeting reminders
With Calendly, self-employed professionals can take control of their meeting schedules, reduce email overload, and streamline the appointment booking process. This powerful app empowers you to focus on what’s important – delivering your expertise to clients and growing your business.

Make the most of your time and ensure seamless coordination with Calendly. Simplify your meeting scheduling and keep your calendars in sync, making it easier than ever to connect with clients and partners.


In conclusion, leveraging the best apps for self-employed professionals is key to boosting business efficiency. Time management apps like Everhour, project management tools like Hubstaff, and financial management apps like QuickBooks Self-Employed, FreshBooks, and Wave Financial all contribute to maximizing productivity and organization. By efficiently managing time, projects, and finances, self-employed professionals can streamline their workflow and achieve greater success.

Additionally, feedback-sharing apps like Canny, website builders like Google Sites, and meeting scheduling apps like Calendly offer valuable tools for enhancing collaboration, gathering user insights, and simplifying business operations. These apps provide self-employed professionals with the necessary resources to optimize their efficiency and meet the demands of their clients and stakeholders.

By incorporating these powerful apps into their daily routines, self-employed professionals can focus on what they do best while leaving the administrative tasks to these smart solutions. With increased efficiency and organization, it becomes easier to stay on track, meet deadlines, and deliver exceptional results. Ultimately, these best apps for self-employed professionals empower individuals to take their business to the next level and achieve their goals with confidence.


Are these apps suitable for self-employed professionals?

Yes, these apps are specifically designed to meet the needs of self-employed individuals and enhance their productivity and organization.

Do these apps offer time tracking features?

Yes, apps like Everhour and Hubstaff provide precise time tracking capabilities to help self-employed professionals manage their time efficiently.

Can these apps integrate with other tools?

Yes, many of these apps, such as Everhour and Todoist, offer integration with popular workflow tools to streamline the self-employed professionals’ workflow.

Can these apps help with project management?

Absolutely, apps like Hubstaff and Todoist offer comprehensive project management features, including task management, expense tracking, and client interaction.

Do these apps assist with financial management?

Yes, apps like QuickBooks Self-Employed, FreshBooks, and Wave Financial provide tools for income and expense tracking, invoicing, and financial reporting.

Can these apps be used for generating financial reports?

Yes, apps like FreshBooks and Wave Financial offer features for generating profit and loss statements and other financial reports.

Do these apps offer multi-currency support?

Yes, FreshBooks and Wave Financial provide multi-currency support to cater to the needs of self-employed professionals operating in different regions.

Can these apps help with user feedback?

Yes, Canny is specifically designed as a feedback-sharing platform to help self-employed individuals gather valuable insights from their users.

Are these website builders suitable for self-employed professionals?

Yes, Google Sites offers a user-friendly interface and various templates to simplify the process of building a professional website for self-employed professionals.

Can these apps simplify meeting scheduling?

Yes, Calendly is a meeting scheduling app that allows self-employed professionals to streamline their appointments and easily schedule meetings with clients and partners.

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