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Top 20 things gen-z employee wants

Top 20 things genz employee wants

1. A work/life balance that works for them

Gen-Z employees prioritize a work/life balance that aligns with their personal needs and lifestyle. Unlike previous generations, they are more inclined to seek flexibility in their work schedules, preferring arrangements like remote work, flexible hours, and compressed workweeks. This flexibility allows them to manage personal responsibilities, hobbies, and mental health more effectively. Employers who offer such arrangements are seen as more attractive, as they demonstrate an understanding and respect for the individual needs of their employees. Incorporating work/life balance isn’t just about time management; it’s about acknowledging that employees have lives outside of work that are just as important as their professional responsibilities.

2. Opportunities to learn and grow

For Gen-Z, continuous learning and career development are not just perks but expectations. They are entering the workforce during a time of rapid technological advancement and global interconnectedness, making lifelong learning essential. Gen-Z employees value opportunities to acquire new skills, whether through formal training, workshops, mentorship programs, or on-the-job experiences. They see learning as a pathway to career advancement and personal fulfillment. Employers can attract and retain Gen-Z talent by investing in their growth, offering clear career progression paths, and fostering a culture of learning and innovation. This approach not only benefits the employees but also keeps the organization competitive and forward-thinking.

3. A positive and supportive work environment

4. A clear path to career advancement

5. A competitive salary and benefits package

6. A position that is interesting and challenging

7. Work that is meaningful and makes a difference

8. A flexible schedule

9. An employer that values their input and feedback

10. A company culture that is fun and engaging

11. An employer that is socially and environmentally responsible

12. An employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion

13. An employer that is transparent and ethical

14. A positive workplace where they feel like they belong

15. A workplace where they feel valued and respected

16. A workplace where they feel like they can be themselves

17. Opportunities to give back to the community

18. A company that is financially stable and growing

19. A company with a strong reputation

20. A company that is innovative and ahead of the curve


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